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      I just got an H9 Max and it is an amazing piece of gear.  The capabilities are so unlimited, it’s actually a bit overwhelming at first.  Also, a lot of the presets are way over the top for use in a traditional pop/rock band.  (Don’t get me wrong;  I like ambient spacey craziness as much as the next guy!)   And I understand that the factory presets were designed to showcase all the possibilities of the H9. 

      So here’s my question:  Is there a list or source for some nice sounding pop/rock presets that are more “subtle” for lack of a better word?  If given enough time, I know I can dial in probably anything I need.  But I guess I’d rather not recreate the wheel if someone has already done it.

      Thanks in advance.



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      Given To Fly

      From the SPACE I would recommend these:
      From MODECHOVERB: Solardelay, Flange Tiles
      From ROOM: GuitarRoom
      From SHIMMER: Shimmer, Quasar
      For reverb, “subtle” is found with the Mix Knob below 20 (as opposed 100).

      These are just off the top of my head. There is also a delay preset called Copy Cat on multiple algorithms that is simple but potentially useful.

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