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      I have the Timefactor and Modfactor pedals but have been looking at the H9.  A couple of silly questions:

      – can I have more than one effect on at a time, like say flanger, delay, octave?

      – I currently use my Timefactor through my amp's FX loop and Modfactor in front of the amp.  How would the H9 handle this?

      – Why are people buying multiple H9 pedals to use all at the same time?  Just wondering.

      Sorry for the noobie questions.


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      1. The H9 loads and runs only one effects algorithm at a time. However, some algos such as ModEchoVerb contain multiple effects, Spring reverb has tremolo, and different ET delay algos have extensive modulation, filtering, reverb, etc.

      2. The H9, like the Factor stompboxes, works well in front of the amp or in fx loop depending upon your purpose and preference.

      3. See 1. Multiple H9s are very useful for running simultaneous Looper, Modulation, Delay, Pitch Shift, and Reverb effects.

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