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      I accidentally overwrote the Clockworks patch in my H9 Max when I was rearranging programs.

      All I could find on restoring programs in the user manual involved dumping or uploading programs via USB.

      There must be a way to restore a single program without using external equipment, right?

      The unit is on a pedalboard and it’d be pretty inconvenient to remove it.

      Thanks in advance for any advice.

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      Can you use Bluetooth?

      What algorithm was the Clockworks preset?  I already guessed wrong with H910 / H949, Phaser, and Flanger.

      I’ve overwritten most every Factory preset in my H9s, but it may be stashed somewhere.  I may be wrong, but I think for a single preset restoration, you’re down to H9 Control and USB MIDI, or Bluetooth.

      If someone here has a screenshot, it’d be easy enough to rebuild manually.

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      Thanks for the reply. I was afraid H9 Control would be the only answer. Don’t know how to use that, but I suppose I could learn.

      Have downloaded to my laptop.

      Not so sure about Bluetooth; the user guide says it works with iOS devices and my cell is Android, not an iPhone.


      I found a program list that says the algorithm is Ultratap.

      If somebody has the parameter values I wouldn’t mind entering them manually.

      Not sure how to assign an initial algorithm when creating a program from scratch but I could find another Ultratap program and alter it.


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      Found it.  A few ways to go:

      • I use H9 Control on Android, so that does work.
      • You can go to More … Import Preset in H9 Control under the Presets tab …
      • … or you can drag ‘n’ drop it to the same spot.


      If you rather rebuild it, just pick any UltraTap preset you don’t want, and save the changes when you’re done.  It looks like the only expression pedal / ribbon mapping concerned is Length, from Whole Note to 2.5 Bar.

      Clockworks (H9)


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      Awesome! I sure appreciate the help and info.

      Very good to know I can use Bluetooth and my phone to program the thing,

      Would’ve been harder to remove it and bring it home.

      Thanks man.

      And happy Easter.


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