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      Hi a bit of advice needed please.

      I’m using a H9 with an Atomic amplifirebox amp sim and cab ir pedal.

      The amplifirebox has no loop 

      I’m experimenting with routing and have tried it straight from guitar to amplifirebox in / out to H9 out to voicelive 3 and XLR to desk,  seems ok but was wondering about the crush stuff etc. coming after the amp and cab sim. i have tried the set up for pre / post routing option and this is how its cabled up.

      guit into H9 in 1 / H9 out 1 into amp sim in  / sim out into H9 in 2 / H9 out 2 to VoiceliveL 3, XLR into desk.

      Trying the pre post options The obvious would be reverbs and delays and chorus would be better post but they vary so much between each preset even from the same algorithm which is confusing would have thought all would be better post.

      The Crush and Sculpt stuff works as expected  ie. pre is good.

      My sound from the ampbox is mostly clean with  a boost set for drive for solos

      Any advice on best setting this up would be much appreciated

      Thanks Ronny. 

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      Sounds like you have it right already. Pre-post is perfect for this. Remember, you can save presets as either pre or post, so all your reverbs, for example, can be post, and all your drives can be pre.

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      Yeh thought so, its just the Reverb /delay and Mods sound so different pre or post.

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