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      With the original end of May date come and gone, I'm getting anxious for my preordered H9. Sweetwater just told me the estimate is now July 5th.

      Can anyone from Eventide comment on the expected date? Will it be pushed back further yet?


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      my retailer just told me end of September!! i too had pre ordered when announcement came out for May – bit gutted, 🙁 – guessing they are having some manufacturing problems?

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      From Eventide's newsletter:

      The response to the unveiling of our newest Harmonizer stompbox, the H9  was gratifying and now many of you are asking, "So, when can I get one?" Well the short story is that we messed up. Just as we were starting our first production run, an unexpected issue popped up and so we missed our original planned ship date – by a country mile. 

      The good news is, as of today, we have started to ship H9s in limited quantities along with the free H9 Control app for OS X (with the Windows version close behind), and for iOS for Mac/iPod/iPhone/iPad. If you are in the US, units will be arriving at Eventide dealers througout the month of July.  If you are elsewhere around the world, deliveries will follow by a few weeks.  We apologize for any inconvenience this delay may have caused

      So it looks like they are on their way. It's nice to hear a company be forthright about what happened. Thanks Eventide.

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      Mine shipped yesterday, and is on the FedEx Truck for delivery – w00t!

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      Wow! been waiting for mine for a long time. Where did you get it if you don't mind my asking? My ddealer doesn't have a ship date yet. I have a gig coming up and already reserved a space for the H9 on my new rig.

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      Mine also shipped yesterday, due to arrive this Saturday. I preordered from Sweetwater. They've been helpful through this long process. I believe they had enough on order to fill all preorders — perhaps they have some left over.

      Can't wait to play with this thing!

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