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      Hello–I’d like to be able to assign the “tap” footswitch on my H9 to toggle between the “Slow/Fast” speeds in the Rotary algorithm.  Does anyone know if this can be done and how to assign the footswitch to do that?  I feel like this should be a fairly easy thing to do, but haven’t found an answer yet.


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      Hi vvarvel,

      The TAP footswitch on the H9 only has two modes, preset search mode and TAP tempo. No other function can be assigned to it. It is possible, nonetheless, to use a single, double, or triple auxiliary footswitch and connect it to the EXP input of the H9 for the purpose you seek. You may assign the “performance switch” to any aux switch of your choosing; the performance switch is what controls “slow/fast” on the Rotary algorithm or things like “repeat” on delays, etc. You can even have an expression pedal and an aux switch at the same time on the H9 as long as the EXP input is set to “both” and you are using a single switch along with a TS expression pedal; TRS expression pedals DO NOT work in this mode.

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      Ok, great—thanks for the info!

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      Thanks for asking vvravel I was wondering about the same thing. What about the hot knob button? Can we ramp up and down with that?


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      Hey dp13—I don’t think so….I went ahead and got the Barn3 OX-9 footswitch….It’s great–built for the H9 and works perfectly–opens up a whole world of things you can’t do without an aux footswitch….

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