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      If using some algorithms lime pitchfuzz there is too much lag when changing presets. More than 1 second…


      I press the button to change the preset and the patch changes but it starts without the fuzz…only after 2 seconds (+/-) the sound is completely working…

      Is this normal?






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      Eventide Staff

      Hello, this is normal behavior. Switching is the fastest when changing between presets that use the same algorithm. When switching between presets from different algorithms, load time is usually dependent on the complexity of the algorithm. Algorithms like PitchFuzz and Harmadillo, for example, are among the most powerful but take more time to load than say algorithms like “Hall” or “Spring.”

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      Thanks for the reply.

      This makes those algorithms unusable for me…

      It’s like: ok the algorithms exist but I can’t really use them in a live situation…


      Thanks for the reply

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