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      I just downloaded the latest release of H9 interface software . I connected my modfactor pedal to usb ran the software. it recognized the pedal, indicated the factor required the latest firmware upgrade which is beta. Yahoo, I can now use the H9 interface to instantly punch in "mod" algorithms and presets, on my PC and my Ipod. Having the presets grouped by algorithms is great you can easily  AB. This just takes the cumbersomeness out of the knob twiddling. This is a substantial improvement to the pedal operation to tweak in your sound . to help build the dream bank.

      previously you had to step through banks and click, click, whoops, went to far scroll all the way through the banks to where you wanted to get too.forgot why you wanted to get there etc. Now it's point, click, there. The Modfactor has useable sounds I didn't realize were in there.

      Great job Eventide Thank-you

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