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      Hi my eventide is acting really strange.

      i recently added some presets to the machine, but it seems like some presets are freezing up, meaning they work for 1 second and then it sounds like the algoritm feedbacks and the sound dies. anyone else had this problem?

      i can’t use certain presets or algoritms it’s really strange. they work for 1 second and then the sound is gone. also when i switch to in active/active nothing happens.

      i first thought it was a certan preset but it does it on all kinds of algoritms.. shimmers, delays, h9 algorithms.


      all help is welcome.


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      Could you describe all the algorithms that this happens on?  I wonder if it's a problem with the memory in your H9.

      Also, this might not help in your case, but it would be worth resetting your system settings;  you do this by turning your H9 off and then turning it on with the right footswitch and the HotKnob switch pressed (the switch in the upper left hand corner of the H9).  This will reset your system settings but won't affect your presets.

      If this doesn't help, creating a video showing the problem might be helpful.

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        so far it’s been  





        h910 h949


        will try resetting it later


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