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      first let me apologize if my English is not correct as I'm not a native speaker. There's a chance that at some point I would make no sense. 

      I just got myself an amazing H9 and, since my live setup its a bit complicated I have some questions. 

      I control everything in my setup trough program change messages. From fx units to my amp channels. My goal is to minimize the amount of tap dancing to the minimum possible and as such I need to be able to recall a patch in the h9 as bypassed. So far I don't know how to do this. I tried saving the patch in question as disabled but is still on when I recall it. 

      Im going to elaborate a bit further in my question;

      lets suppose that I have 5 possible PC buttons per "song" in my midi pedalboard:

      I have one for the main rithm wich is basically dry distorted sound and then I need to move to a clean sound with a long delay. 

      What i want is this:

      lets suppose Im playing trough the PC#1 sound with the h9 bypassed. I want to press PC#2 and go to my clean Chanel (this is the easy part) and launch a patch on the eventide with a delay (easy so far) and then go back to the PC#1 with the h9 bypassed and having the delay tails continue until they fade from the previous sound. This same process will happen several times trough the song.

      Is this scenario possible?

      in any case sorry if I'm not making much sense and thanks for the help in advance 🙂

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      Eventide Staff

      If you save the preset in a bypassed state, and then load it by means of MIDI Program Change, it should load bypassed.

      This does not apply if you load a bypassed preset with the knob or footswitches – it will then load as active.

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