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      Hello everyone I am new to this forum, I want to share some ideas and clarify some doubts. I want to recreate some effects that I’ve heard in some songs with the eventide H9:
      1 Map of the problematique – Muse https://youtu.be/Ta0vHJg_tQ8
      2 Madness – Muse https://youtu.be/pEmSUCR2g34
      3 Bigger than my body – John Mayer
      4 boulevard of broken dreams – green day
      https://youtu.be/WUKVmvy_Uzk and others effects in this video
      5 heartbreak warfare – John Mayer https://youtu.be/GeCClzNCfcA
      6 cosas imposibles – Gustavo Cerati
      I think could be awesome if the h9 had a 16 step sequencer, tremolo with customizable waveforms, external sync input and obviously tap tempo, a mix between Lightfoot labs goatkeeper and Roger Linn adrenalinn iii. What do you think guys, would it be possible to get that sounds In a live situation? Maybe paired with a ehx synth9, whammy V, Strymon Mobius/h9 and disaster area dpc-5 gen 3?

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      Step sequencer is what I would love to see in H9 and the reason I haven’t sold my Goatkeeper. I don’t see why something like that would be an issue for Eventide but the problem is that I don’t think many people is asking for it.


      If you are looking for an immediate alternative, Meris has recently released the Ottobit Jr, and Hologram has the Dream Sequence, both can do what the Harpeggiator does but both let you customize the steps and some other things the Harpeggiator sadly can not.



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      A programmable step sequencer would be great, but I don’t know how it could be implemented.  Ten exposed parameters per algorithm … 16 steps for just the sequencer values alone.  I suppose a “page 2” graph in H9 Control is possible, but then how to translate that to H9 pedal standalone configuration?  And forget about backward compatibility for stompboxes; it’d have to be an H9 Special algorithm only.

      Actually, I’ve duplicated quite a few ADR III-type effects with the multi-modulation controls in ModFactor / H9. For step sequencing, there are a few ‘universal’ options, via the expression pedal input.  EHX 8 Step Program & Source Audio Reflex, to name two.  If you are so inclined, MIDI control offers even more options & variety.

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