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      Do I understand it correctly that if I bring stereo into my H9, but only Left (mono) out, it will be true, summed up mono signal from two stereo signals, or is in this case my presumption wrong and I end up with only half (left) of stereo picture?


      I usually have FX loop from my ToneDexter preamp/DI, but it is only mono. I would however like to keep my stereo setting on my pedalboard in case I could use stereo DI at a bigger gig. If it works as I hope it does, it would save me a lot of time fooling around with cables.


      Thanks in advance 🙂


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      Eventide Staff

      Quite what you get may vary with the algorithm, but essentially they should be summed – you should not get half a stereo.


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      That is awesome, thank you! I know lots of pedals (Strymon for example) don’t support that.

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