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      Hi guys,


      Having trouble with my H9 runing stereo.


      With a mono input on 1, and stereo outputs from 1+2 I can see the meters in the Control app all even and as expected. However, when connected to a device output number 2 seems to be around 30dbs lower in output!


      I have tried all different cabling as well as two different pieces of gear to test the output, I have also fully updated the firmware to the recent version.


      I have been using the H9 in mono in recent months, but can’t recall experiencing this issue when I was running stereo before.


      Any advice?




      **additional** I have also done a full factory reset (power on + Tap + Hot Switch) and this hasn’t fixed the issue. I beginning to think there may be a fault, but if someone could confirm that sounds like the case before I contact the shop that would be great.




      Many thanks.



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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – it does sound like a hardware fault, be we can't say for sure without trying it. Things to test:

      1) Does it happen with relay bypass ?

      2) Does it happen with dsp bypass ?

      3) Does it happen on all presets ?

      4) Try more cables, and plug and unplug them a number of times to be sure it is not dirty contacts. Do this to input 2 as well.

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      Hi Eventide!

      Checked the above, and it seems that when I switch the Bypass mode to Relay the two channels are at unity again. Switching to either DSP or DSP+FX will drop the #2 audio.

      That would probably tell me there is an issue with the DSP….

      I have contacted the store where I purchased my unit (Andertons, UK) and they are unable to help as I am one month out of warrenty.

      What do you guys suggest?

      Thank you.


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      Eventide Staff

      It does sound as if it needs to be looked at, but since you bought it new and the warranty has only just expired, we should try and help you.

      Please send all your info, including address,email,dealer,serial num, etc, to support@eventide.com, referencing this post.


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      With relay bypass stereo works as expected when bypassed but when active input 2 level dissapears in the input gain and meters and nothing is heard from input 2. When I unplug input 2 stereo comes back and levels increase.  Weird?  Help?


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