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      Hi everybody,

      I’ve got a strange thing appearing on my board. My pedals are positioned as shown on the picture. I split the guitar signal at the Eventide Pitchfactor to Fx chain 1 (Distortion & Noisegate) and Fx Chain 2 (Distortion and Fuzz). Those separe chains are brought together again in the following stereo reverb. Everything’s cool to this point, I still got a split signal after the stereo reverb for two different amps.

      BUT: afterwards I route those two signals into the H9, because I want to continue this splitting after the H9. And what happens? The H9 seems to mix the separate signals and put them both on Output 1 and Output 2. Which means that I hear Chain 1 and 2 on Amp 1 and on Amp 2 as well. So the idea of separate signals is lost again in the H9.

      I’m sure it’s just something in the routing setup, but I couldnt find help in the manual. The manual says “With Stereo Inputs, the dry contribution at Output 1 is from Input 1 and the dry contribution at Output 2 is from Input 2, thereby maintaining the original signal stereo image.” but this definetely doesn’t hold true with my set up.

      Does anyone have any idea how to solve this? Thanks for help, Lutz


      (you can see a jpeg from my set up right here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1510121402365419&set=gm.1932850660282452&type=3&theater )

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      If the H9 is bypassed (or has MIX set to 0), it should pass through separate dry signals.

      But, if it is running an effect, some mixing is to be expected, as the wet signals are stereo, not dual mono.

      In short, it is probably acting as it was designed to do.



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