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      I have two H9’s and both have a unique SysEx ID of 1 and 2. This way the SysEx backups of both H9’s are device specific as are the SysEx commands controlling each H9 individually. But as soon as the SysEx ID is set other than 1 H9 Control can’t communicate with the device anymore.

      Eventide: Please fix this so that devices with a SysEx ID other than 1 can be found too!

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      Ok, we'll look into it.

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      Eventide, will you fix it please? When running many H9 we cannot send preset to only 1 H9 by sysex from external gears. When all H9 use the same sysex ID all of them receive and load the preset received. I don’t want to use a dedicated MIDI channel for each of them. I don’t want to use the internal storage from H9. I save presets for H9 (and all other gears) with sysex to external sequencer (sysex dump). When I reopen a project I send back presets/patches to all the external gear (synths, drum, fx, etc..) with sysex. I don’t have this issue with other old hardware gears, as an exemple with Nord Modular G2 > use the editor to control/show 2 or more G2 hardware. Cheers.

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      Eventide Staff

      I’m afraid you will have to use different MIDI channels to separate the different units – this is the way it is designed to work. Sorry.



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