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      I am doing a small program to change parameters of my H9 from my android tablet and phone.

      So far, I could initiate the communication and exchange a few messages. I use the sysex doc from the factor series.

      I could parse the preset dump message but I have 2 questions.

      On the first line, there are 4 digits instead of 3. The first one, between the brackets, it the preset number. The third one seems to be a constant '5' .The second one might be the algorithm number and what would be the last one?

      An other question, on the second line, the first digit is documented as 'effect'. I don't understand what it is.

      Would someone from Eventide help me ?


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      Sorry, as I write the sysex parser, I notice that there are also other  changes to the protocol.

      Here is an example of dump:

      Line 1:  [1] 0 5 2

      Is digit #2 the algo? is #3 a constant 5. what is the last digit? 

      Line 2:  0 4000 3fbe 3ff0 0 3ee7 0 0 3f5e 3f15 7fe0 ffff

      What is effect parameter (#1) How it is related to algorithm or presets?

      The Factor doc states taht the last parameter is Exp pedal value and should be < 7FE0

      So is FFFF a special value  for EXP (such as deactivated?)

      Line 3:  0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3f20 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

      Ok for line 3, look sthe same as the doc.

      Line 4:  0 2ee0 1 ffffd8 9 7 6 0

      Line 4 is not documented, seems to be new for the H9.

      Line 5:  49.55 49.35 1 0 48.7 0 5 49.06 1.48 99 65000 65000

      There are 4 floating point values on facto pedals, it seems that there are a few more on the H9.

      Line 6: C_67d3


      Line 7: BIG CLONE

      It seems to be the preset name 🙂

      Please, could you help me fiil the missing parts?

      Thank you for your time and patience…


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      You had mentioned in another forum thread that if we were working on H9 Control for Android you'd rather just wait until we're done instead of messing around with this yourself.  Well, we're finishing up work on the in app store and we might start working on Android next.  Let me get back to you about that in a few days, but you might want to hold off on this…

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      Yes, I understood that something is planned for Android, but I do it for multiple reasons. First I really love the H9, I just want to be able to tweak my presets easily, and I don't have any windows, mac or IOS device. I don't plan to do some commercial stuff, it will be free, lightweight and probably obsolete the day you release the software for android. But still, I find it a cool thing to do, it scratches an itch.

      Doing stuff in java will probably allow me to port it easily to Linux as well, and it is an other very cool thing.


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