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      My gut says this is user error on my part, but for the life of me I cannot figure it out.  I am trying to get the H9 tap tempo function to work via a cc# sent from my KMI SoftStep.  I've confirmed that the MIDI channel is correct, that the cc# is the same from both the SoftStep as well as what the H9 is expecting, and that the Softstep key is sending out a Momentary footswitch emulation (127 when I press the key and 0 when I release) just like a "real" momentary switch.  I've also confirmed there are no accidental duplicate settings on the H9 for the cc# I am looking to control the H9 tap tempo with.

      The results though are that every time I step on the Softstep key the H9 immediately shows the bpm jumping to 500.  And it does not seem to respond to tapping.  It's almost as thought it's reacting to the Softstep like it's an expression pedal.  It will sort of scale back down if I tap a few times but the resulting value is not the bpm I am tapping – it's still quite a bit faster.

      I've used the SoftStep in this fashion with other devises to set the tap tempo so I figure it must have something to do with some setting in the H9 that I cannot discern.  For what it's worth, all the other MIDI control functions I am using the SoftStep for with the H9 work just fine.  Toggling the bypass, etc. for example, I have no issues.

      As I said, I am sure this is user error on my part but I cannot figure it out so any help you can offer I would be grateful.  Thanks!


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      I can see no problem (it does not need the 0 when you release).

      I'm not familiar with your KMI Softstep, but my guess is that it is not sending what you think – you should probably take it up with them.

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