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      Guys, maybe it's a stupid question but haven't been able yet to sort this.
      I understand that you can tap tempo using the right footswitch when tempo is off. So when I'm tapping I can see the pedal updating the time in ms.
      But I can't do the same when tempo is on.. Is that right?
      For example, I want to have a twin delay set to 1/4 and 5/16 respectively and be able to tap with the right footswitch to change the relative speed but nothing happens. I only see the original saved bpm while tapping.
      I can actually use the knob for changing the speed but that's not really helpful when playing live.
      Is that a limitation or I'm missing something? Thanks!

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      Eventide Staff

      This would occur if MIDICLK IN is set to ON.  Make sure it's set to OFF in the system mode if you don't want to use MIDICLK. 

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      great, it works now, many thanks 😉

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