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      Hi all, I have 2 H9’s and simply want to be able to change presets on both live so I recently bought the Evenmidi controller which works fine but it’s for my fly rig so board space is a premium concern.  I discovered the Barn 3 controller which is excellent but I can’t get the 1st H9 to talk to the 2nd H9 and change presets. All I want to do is a “master slave” setup ie I load preset 1 on the H9 with the Barn ox9 aux switch and that in turn loads preset 1 on the 2nd H9. I did find an explanation on the forums but it’s not working for me. Maybe I’ve not set it right as I’m a total duffer when it comes to midi and short of finding a “midi 2 H9’s together for dummies” book I’m at a loss 🙁 Can anyone give me an idiots guide to achieving what I thought should be a very simple job PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.


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      If the units are at default settings, all  you should need to do is to set MIDI.PGM.XMT to ON on the master unit.


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