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      Hi folks,

      I’m having an issue with my H9, specifically with the Tremolo/Pan algo running.

      I need the trem to work as a “slicer”, set at 1/16 note. My H9 is hooked up to a MusicomLab MKV which is sending tempo via MIDI to the unit. I tried different solutions, even storing the preset with tempo specified in it (so that I excluded MIDI tempo), but the pattern seems to not hold up with the click track as it gets out of sync over time.

      I run in-ears and have a click track in my mix, so the issue is pretty noticeable.

      I don’t know if someone already experienced this, but I need to solve it ASAP.




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      The Harpeggiator will sync to MIDI clock, and if you turn off the pitch stuff in Harpeggiator, it will work as a slicer as well.  You might want to give that algorithm a try.

      Here's a demo video of the Harpeggiator:

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      Euji wrote:
      … I need the trem to work as a “slicer”, set at 1/16 note …

      I have a number of slicer / tremolo presets uploaded in a Preset List.  Easily modifiable to your own needs.


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