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      I'm probably missing something, but if I save a tremolo preset with a specific speed tapped in, and I switch from that preset to another (say a delay with a different tempo), when I switch back to the tremolo it isn't immediately at the speed I saved to the tremolo preset, it has to speed up to get there.  Is there a way to just ensure the tremolo always starts at the speed you've saved?

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      So, is it incapable of resuming a saved speed instantly then?  I was really hoping that I had just overlooked something.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi RockDebris, 

      I'll look into it.  Does the Tremolo change speed when you come from non-Tremolo preset, like a Chorus preset for example?  

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      Thanks.  I noticed it happening when I switched between a Trem patch and a Delay patch.  If you just bypass the unit and it stays on the Trem patch, then all is good when you turn it back on, so that is what I ended up doing on the last gig instead of switching to another patch mid-song.

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      Did this ever get looked at? Still have the same problem – if you go from another patch to the tremolo (mod factor algo) the tremolo speed starts slow and ramps up to tempo. At 120 bpm, seems to take about 2 beats.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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