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      I’d like to use the H9 with its tricerachorus algorithm in parallel, with Kill Dry engaged on the H9.
      However, this doesn’t seem to work in the way I thought it would.

      When I turn down the chorus and detune mix to zero, there’s still audio at the output, which gives comb filtering with the original, analog dry signal.
      I expected that there would be no signal present at the output with kill dry engaged and both mixes dialed to zero.
      Can you explain what’s happening and what I might be missing?

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      Eventide Staff

      Hey daburf.

      There is an issue with killdry that needs to be addressed with the next release.   Good catch.

      In the meantime you can set the MIX control to noon which sets the wet/dry mix to 100% and effectively removes the dry signal from the outputs.

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      Thank you, h9controller, that’s what I figured as well.
      Does the detune mix work as expected in kill dry-mode when the chorus itself is set to MIX at noon? (=vibrato)
      Good to know that this will be addressed in an update, looking forward!

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