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      alex jones

      Just got my H9 today and have it setup in Pre/Post mode. I’m really hoping it’ll be able to replace the Tuner on my board as well but since I have a volume pedal in between the 2  pairs of IO, I’d really like to set it so when I go to the tuner it always takes the signal from input 1 instead of whatever the prest it set to. Is it possible to do it this way? 

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      Eventide Staff

      The tuner is not currently pre/post aware – we'll make it so in a future release.


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      alex jones

      That was fast! Thanks for the reply. Any rough ETA on how long something like that might take to become a reality?

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      Did this ever happen? If it has I’m not finding the option anywhere in H9 Control.

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      alex jones

      I believe it now defaults to taking input one or possibly both because I do remember it working with my volume pedal down. I don’t use a vp or the tuner in the h9 currently so can’t be certain.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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