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      Hi, I bought a second-hand H9, the pedal had never been updated, so when I connected it and registered in my account, it sent me the update. I let it run normally, but suddenly weird characters appeared on the screen, I waited for more than half an hour, but it did nothing, so I disconnected it, tried to restart, but I realized that it has a delay in the boot and when it Start points UPDATE, I went to the forums and saw the methods of Hot Knob and other combinations of buttons that are pointed out in videos, but none works for me.


      I also dealt with the direct updater, on windows, on Mac, even with midi cables in an interface, but nothing works.


      Now when I connect the pedal, I send the message update


      I enclose photographs and I hope you can help me.

      Greetings and thanks.



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      Eventide Staff

      If I were you, I would return to sender.

      It is not possible to know the history of a second hand unit, as it may have had any amount of abuse.

      If you want to send it in for service, support@eventide.com


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