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      hi, I’ve tried searching for these with no luck. I’ve found the factory presets (for all algos) but not the user presets. I’ve looked in the usual places where software presets go, I’ve also tried searching by preset name or *h9z, no luck. Can someone tell me where they are? Windows 7 Pro.

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      On Windows they are under: C:/Users/your-user-name/AppData/Roaming/H9 Control

      AppData is a hidden directory; you'll need to adjust the settings of Windows Explorer to see it.

      Why are you looking for them by the way?  Do you know that under Settings there is a function for exporting all of your user presets and / or preset lists?

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      thanks, actually I had looked there but was looking for “Eventide” – so thanks!

      Why I was looking is because I do a lot of ITB recording and have created many prests for various soft synths, FX etc and I’ve traditionally searched out where they end up and put copies into a big Preset folder. That’s made it easier in the past when I’ve changed PCs etc.

      I found the export function and used it and put the list in that folder.

      Many thanks for the quick reply, Happy New Year and to add I’m loving the H9 Core and happily adding new algos as funds allow.


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