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      I bought an H9 in the US but am now living in Europe (Sweden). in my pedalboard, I am powering it via a GigRig solution which works fine. However, I can't download algorithms or upgrade the H9 while using that power solution – the H9 needs to be connected to its own power supply (for some reason…)

      So here's my question: I have the US power supply. Is it ok to just put an adapter on the end of that and stick it in the wall? Or do I need a poser transformer 110/230?

      many thanks in advance  /Tommy

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      Eventide Staff

      The power supply shouldn't matter. 

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      The power supply shouldn't matter. 

      Thanks for your reply AAnello, but sorry I'm not sure I understand. Do you mean:

      a) the power supply shouldn't matter for downloads/upgrades, or

      b) the power supply being 110 or 230 shouldn't matter = I can use an adapter?

      thanks  /Tommy

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      The Eventide power supply is a switching power supply which can work either when supplied with 110V or 230V. It should say that on the label of the power supply. So, yes, (b) you can use an adapter.

      Incidentally, if you're under powering your stompbox, you may run into trouble saving settings and presets as well.

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