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      Hi folks. I’ve had my H9 for many years and have had good expression and midi programming experiences. Software 5.8.5

      All of a sudden the (red ring) volume is stuck on “0”. I can move it with an expression pedal but a pat h change always loads at “0”.

      I can save it at “100” but when it loads again it loads at “0”. No volume.

      This happens with nothing connected, It doesn’t matter if “EXP control input” is checked or not.

      Any suggestions?

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      Check to see if Global Input Swell (or Global Output Swell) are ON in the System settings.  I’m thinking that (maybe) your expression pedal was at full Heel when you disconnected it.

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        good suggestion but no. I checked them both. Turned them both on turned them both off and it does the same thing either way:

        the red ring comes to “100” but when a new patch is loaded the volume defaults to “0”.

        I also updated software to 5.9.1

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      performed initialized reset.

      still doing the same thing

      nothing attached

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      Eventide Staff

      Does the issue only happen with an expression pedal connected? Do your presets load with the correct value if the expression pedal isn’t connected?

      Are you able to test this with a different pedal/cable?

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