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      I use it in a looper (Glab GSC4) but recently I noticed something very annoying and never noticed before.

      When H9 is in the loop, the volume is far louder then when is not. the problem happends ever the preset is active or not.

      So my H9 adds an extraboost that I’ve never heard before, and so I have to compensate every presets volume.


      Why ? and how coming back ?


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      Eventide Staff

      I'm thinking this is something at your end (sorry). The H9 does not boost the signal when the preset is not active.

      When it is active it is possible to increase the level on a preset by preset basis, but it does not sound like this is what is happening.

      Does it do this on relay bypass ?


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      to be complete : have to say that

      – before, my volume pedal was after looper/selector

      – now my volume pedal is between guitar & looper/selector

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      silly question but do you have the GSC4 buffer on?

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      I am having the same issue- presets on the H90 are bypassed, and I’m using a Crocodile Tail loop- so I can very easily take it in and out of the signal chain to A/B. I active its loop with no other pedal active in the signal chain and there is a significant volume bump. Is there an easy Global trim setting so I can bump the global volume down?

Viewing 4 reply threads
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