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      anyone have an opportunity to A/B the Ultratap pedal and the same algorithm on the H9? i know that IMHO the Timefactor sounds very different than the same setting on the H9.




      echo monk

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      Subjectively, the dot9 standalone sounds a bit better / cleaner to me.  Newer tech & dedicated processing, I suppose (or confirmation bias).  The additional feedback control & semi-single function knobs are nice features.  Either way, it’s a very versatile algorithm structure.

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      Interesting. TBH, I’ve been working under the assumption that the H9 sounded just as good as the original Factor pedals, but without the form factor and control flexibility. Purely an assumption, since I’ve never owned any other Eventide gear.

      – Joe


      P.S. Also have assumed the iOS apps would sound somewhat less good, since the iOS devices have less computing horsepower.

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