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      I’m simply a “noodler” who enjoys playing mostly rock. Favorites to cover are Van Halen and U2, and I like to dabble a bit in just about everything else. Current set-up… EVH 5150III w/ EVH 2×12 cab, EVH Wolfgang, Fender Strat, pedals- MXR EVH Phase 90, MXR EVH Flanger, MXR Carbon Copy delay, MXR Analog Chorus, TC Electronics Flashback Delay, TC Electronics Hall of Fame Reverb. Interested in the H9. Got sucked in by the Streets and Panama presets from one of the video demos. My question is, what pedals could I get rid of and likely be satisfied by replacing them with the H9? I don’t care for the chorus pedal as I rarely use it, so I know that one would go. I’d like to keep the phase 90 and flanger. Could I do without the two delay pedals and the reverb pedal I currently have? Stupid question, but can I combine different effects within the H9 to make presets that could replace the ones I’m looking to get rid of? Thanks for any help you can provide. Just looking to simplify what I have and not have to turn so many dials when I want to play different stuff. FWIW, I do not play in a band, just jam out at home.

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      I play rock music myself and am a bass player When i got my h9 i got rid of my gigadelay dd20-bass chorus-boss tremolo-boss compression sustainer.
      I had quite a wide board and i managed to reduce it to a pedaltrain mini where i now only have Shure glxd16 wireless with inbuilt tuner-Mooer black secret-Eventide h9-MXR noise clamp- Cioks DC5 powersupply mounted under the pedaltrain.
      Also as a touring musician this is by far my best setup.small yet BIG.
      you should go for one and see what you can replace.youll be happy with this product.

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      The H9 will only run one effects algorithm at a time, although a few algorithms such as the ModEchoVerb combine multiple effects like chorus, delay and reverb; Spring Reverb includes tremolo, etc. An H9 could replace any one of the delay, chorus, flanger,  phaser, or reverb pedals. It depends how many effects you want to use at once. I would plan on using the H9 to replace the delay and reverb pedals, maybe keeping your Phase 90 or Flanger if they have distinctive EVH effects you really like. Two H9s could replace all delays, reverb and chorus, and keep just the Phase 90 or flanger.

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