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      Herr Mosa

      HI there,

      as the USB-Connection with my MacBook is ok. But when I try to connect the H9 to my Windows Machine via the same USB Cable @ home, there’s a problem:

      The  H9 is  shown as Audio Device in Windows, but as I start the Control App there’s this:

      Communication error

      A communication error occurred while communicating with your stompbox. A stompbox cannot be registered unless it is connected to and communicating with the app.

      When i click ok, there’s another one:

      Communication error!

      An error occured while communicating with the H9 device <H9-xxxxx> (where the xxxxx is my Serial)

      The stompbox is not responding. Please verify that it is still connected. (Error Code MessageConstants::sm_response_timeout)

      Error code [em_response_timeout]

      Afterwards it executes as a Demo…

      Does anybody knows what’s happening and how to solve this?

       – I would really like to dig on Win10 😉

      Btw: The Blutooth-Connection works with my iPad but fails on Mac and Windows too – that’s why I’m trying hard to connect via USB

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      Eventide Staff

      USB should always work, so it is unclear why your unit works with one computer but not another. You could try going into Control Panel/Device Manager and uninstalling the driver, then replugging and try again. Don't try this if this is beyond your knowledge.

      If the above does not work, there is probably some problem with your computer. You then have two options:

      1) Try another USB cable and another computer.

      2) Send your H9 in to be checked, but there is probably nothing wrong with it.


      For unknown reasons, some Windows Bluetooth adaptors do not work with H9. See previous posts for suggestions of those that work.



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      Herr Mosa

      Thanks for the response!

      Finally i got the connection via Blutooth – I messed with the (wrong) BT-PIN, and after placing the H9 very near to the PC it worked out well.

      Still have the Prob with USB on PC, but that’s a PC’s issue, probably…

      After connecting it with the right PIN, the BT-Connection to Mac is also fine 😉

      Thanks Markus

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