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      Ron Jinks

      I don't own the H9 yet;but it would be very cool for the windows control app to operate not only the H9 but also serve as a better GUI for the other factor pedals(I do have TF and MF)as the current editor is really more of a librarian.This would also be a great incentive to purchase the H9.If this this can be done maybe the current " editor" would be incorporated into one app.

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      We are working on making H9 Control work with the other Factor pedals as well.

      Ron Jinks:

      If this this can be done maybe the current " editor" would be incorporated into one app.

      I'm not sure I understand what you're saying here, but in any case the plan is to have the one app, H9 Control, be able to talk to the H9 and the rest of the Factor stompboxes.

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      + 1 from me too pls

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      Meaning I could use my iPad to control all my Factors and Space?  

      Sorry if I'm slow on the uptake.  

      I'm currently considering selling all 4 and getting 2 H9 with the algorithms I use regularly.  

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      That's a good question.  We've talked about making Factor pedals addressable through an H9 from an iOS device.  Vernon Reid threw out that idea the first time we showed him the H9.  But in the initial release we're just going to be aiming to make the Factor pedals controllable with H9 Control when connected directly to a desktop via USB.  Ensuring that all the Factor presets sound correct and stuff like that is a fair amount of work in and of itself.

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      Hi G,

      Will we be able to control all 4 factor pedals with H9 control thru one USB connection if the other pedals are interconnected via MIDI.  Or would we need 4 separate USB connections for each factor pedal


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      It's going to be 4 separate USB connections for each Factor pedal at first.  We'd need to make some changes to our protocol to make one Factor pedal addressable through another or through an H9 for that matter.

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