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      The H9 won a TEC award at NAMM this year.  The category was "MUSICAL INSTRUMENT AMPLIFICATION & EFFECTS TECHNOLOGY" and the other nominees in the category were the Ampeg Heritage B-15N Combo, the Fender Excelsior Pro, the Line 6 POD HD500X, the Orange OR100, and the TC Electronic Ditto Looper.  It was a bit of a strange category because it mixed amplifiers and effect pedals.

      George Clinton announced the winner of the award for our category, which was a surprise for all of us.  We happened to have a gold plated H9 hanging from a gold chain with us at the awards, and when we saw that George Clinton was announcing the award, we knew we had to bring it up with us.  After we got the award, we waited for him backstage and gave him the gold plated H9.  He seemed genuinely happy about.  We got a picture of that moment which we posted to Eventide's website: http://eventide.com/AudioDivision.aspx

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      Crazy that the H9 beat the POD HD500X. I think that goes to show if you go the multi-effect algorithm direction it would be a step down to what the H9 is now.

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      Well deserved for sure.


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      The HD500X is a slight update to a 3 year old pedal. I'm not surprised  at all 8)

      Congrats Eventide, you guys deserved it!!

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