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      hi all

      i’ve had the h9 for years now, but i figured i’d finally start using it for gigs with a midi footswitch for changing presets during the set.  i bought the Blackstar Live Logic 6-button MIDI Footcontroller.

      as an initial test, i’m just using the footcontroller to scroll up and down through the presets.  there’s latency.  when i press a button on the footswitch, the footswitch’s digital display immediately increments or decrements…

      …but the h9 doesn’t immediately change the preset.  the latency is slow enough that there’s no way i could use this at a gig.

      has anyone else experienced this?  i wonder if it’s the switch or if it’s the h9?  are there midi foot controllers that others have used where the changes are immediate?


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      well, i tried setting up the foot controller to send PC numbers, and it works great now!

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