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      I'm hoping someone can chime in.  I've been using the H9 with a Roland EV-5 expression pedal.  In hopes to get rid of my tuner I dug up an old Boss FS-5U pedal that I've had laying around and got a Y cable to use both the expression and aux pedal.  Since the EV5 has a cable already wired to it, I had to get a Y cable that was 2 female mono (Tip & Ring) to one stereo male to go into the H9 jack.  I programmed the H9 so that the tuner (FS-5U) would use Ring and the expression pedal would use Tip.  Here comes the issue.  Because the cable wired into the EV5 is a stereo cable, the expression pedal is making heel 100 and toe 0 instead of the other way around that is normally heel 0 and toe 100.  I tried calibrating it with no luck.

      if I plug in an Ernie ball vp jr the calibration is fine but I use that pedal in another rig and want to utilize the EV5 if possible to prevent buying a different pedal.

      i thought about getting an adapter which is female stereo to male mono but would prefer a more stable and less likely to break route.

      does anyone know what mod I would need to do to the expression pedal to make it work, as I don't mind doing a basic solder job but don't want to drastically change the pedal for resale down the road.

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      I'll let my colleague, Nick, chime in about what mods you would need to make so that this will work correctly, but I would like to point out that each parameter can be assigned to the expression pedal with an arbitrary minimum and maximum value.  So, if your expression pedal is going backwards, you could flip your parameter mappings to match it.  But I suppose this won't help with algorithms that read the expression pedal value directly like PitchFlex.

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      It sounds like your expression pedal is miswired – this is why the EB works.

      You could either arrange it by programming, as gkellum suggests, or by rewiring the pot in the pedal – it will have 3 connections in a row – you should exchange the two outer ones (one may be unconnected). If this is beyond your skill-level you should find a tech-y friend.

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      thanks for the replies guys.  I reversed 2 wires so now everything works as it should Smile

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