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      Got my second H9 the other day and love having two. Everything is working and sounding great.

      Ideally, for me, it would be great if I could open and run two separate windows for for my H9s.

      Often times I find myself going back and forth between algo's and presets making adjustments.

      Maybe I'm missing something but can not find a simple 'one click' method to switch between the two.

      At the top of the display both H9 s/n's are shown and the one that is active is indicated. I keep wanting to click on one or the other as a toggle between the two.

      Am I missing something?

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      We're going to be bringing out a new version within roughly a week that will allow you to click on the H9 serial number appearing in the status bar at the top to change the active device and that has some other improvements to make it easier to work with two or more H9s.

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      Very cool. Excellent. Thank you.

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