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      Just downloaded 1.7.6 H90 Control software

      when connecting H90 I see the “Software update available” in yellow on the bottom left

      but no prompt to update the pedal firmware itself

      if 1.75+ fimaware is required – is that a different download ?


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      Eventide Staff


      Yes, you must update the pedal software to 1.7.5 using H90 Control.

      In the bottom left corner of H90 Control, you should see what version you are running. Please confirm this is 1.7.6.

      You should then be able to click the cloud icon and update your pedal to the latest software.


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      There is a little download icon to the right of the notice.  Notes from Eventide:


      H90 software 1.7.5 and H90 Control 1.7.6 are now available!

      Please download/install H90 Control 1.7.6 first, and then update your H90.

      H90 Software 1.7.5

      This release officially enables Bluetooth functionality for the H90!

      In addition, this release contains a few minor features and bug fixes:
      • Implement a new Bypass mode in System Settings – “AB Only” allows you to bypass just the
      onboard effects, leaving insert routings active
      • Add support for full user content backup/restore in H90 Control
      • Add support for log retrieval from H90 Control
      • Fix DIN MIDI stepping issue

      H90 Control 1.7.6

      Add Backup/Restore for user content (Programs, Lists, Presets) and system settings
      Add a utility for retrieving logs from the pedal
      Miscellaneous minor UI improvements
      Bug Fixes
      Fix an issue where Programs would sometimes not appear on initial connection
      Fix Import of H9 lists
      You can also find a new chapter in the user guide dedicated to H90 Control – https://cdn.eventideaudio.com/manuals/h90/1.7.5/content/h90-control/index.html



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      I’m loving the BT feature. This version seems really solid.

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        Eventide Staff

        Good to hear! Thanks for the feedback.

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      Thanks got it


      My cloud icon was grey when I first tried this

      but now realize that you can’t connect to the H90 first before downloading

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        Eventide Staff

        Glad to hear you got it sorted. Yes, you cannot update once the pedal is connected, we can make this more clear in the manual.

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      a few questions about the new  update  –

      I see in Global where you can set the new bypass feature  to A&B

      and I was able to make a hot switch 1 Bypass the user Preset in the A slot

      can you set another switch to the preset in the  B slot?

      Secondly – I am having some problems getting user Preset parameters to save properly

      what is the best protocol once you make a change in a preset that you want to be permanent?

      I have been saving the Preset first then the Program both by overwriting when given the option

      Unfortunately this still seems to create a duplicate in the user Presets as seen in the list in the Control app.

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        Eventide Staff

        The new “AB Bypass” mode is related to how Program Bypass works. This is for specific setups where you’d like to keep the inserts active when the Program is bypassed. It’s not clear if you need this setting for your setup.

        You can Bypass either Preset A or Preset B by using Perform Mode. Click the A or B LED to assign a function to that footswitch. You can also map either Preset A or Preset B bypass to a HotSwitch if you like. https://cdn.eventideaudio.com/manuals/h90/1.7.5/content/play-modes/perform.html

        If you make edits to any parameters, you can save the Program, and that will save the settings of both Presets.

        If you’d like to only save the Preset, click the 3-dot icon and select “Save to Library”. Please view #12 in the user manual here: https://cdn.eventideaudio.com/manuals/h90/1.7.5/content/h90-control/edit.html#parameters-edit-menu

        You cannot have duplicate presets, it will prompt you to overwrite the preset if you save a preset using the same name.





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