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      Sometimes I want to dial in a preset that uses reverb to hide my pick attack on the guitar. When using the reverbs on the quad cortex, for example, I would accomplish this by setting the wet/dry mix knob to 100% wet, and then all I’d hear is the reverb but not the original sound.

      I can’t seem to replicate this behavior on the H90.  No matter what I try I still hear pick attack.

      Here’s what I’ve tried:

      • Made sure I am exclusively using serial routing (Preset A into Preset B) and no parallel routing
      • Enabled kill dry mode on and off at every level (global, program, and preset)
      • (obviously) made sure all Wet Mix knobs are set to 100% wet.

      This seems to happen on most of the effects I’ve tried (not just the reverbs).

      Can anyone help me figure out what I’m missing here?  Why isn’t 100% wet…100% wet??

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      Figured it out! It was a subtle routing issue. I just had to use the FX Loop 1 block on the QC instead of the FX Loop 1/2 block.

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