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      I tried to do the 4 cable method between Friedman IR-D and H90, and  I followed the steps from the youtube Eventide H90 Tutorial – Part 3 which refers to Dual Routing Mode, however  there’s no signal pass when the fx loop of Friedman is engaged which means once the fx loop is off, the signal from path 1 of H90 can get through.
      I have checked that the fx loop of Friedman can work normally when connect to other pedals
      I have checked that the path 1 and path 2 of Dual Routing Mode can work well individually
      and the cables are functional
      It looks like the path 2 which connect to the fx loop of Friedman somehow can’t work, maybe there’s some setting I’ve ignored ?
      Hope someone can share some advice. Thank you!

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      Please provide more details about exactly how everything is setup (all of your connections between the H90 and the Friedman) and I can see if there is anything that could be causing the issue.

      If you have confirmed that your H90 is in dual mode and audio is passing correctly on both paths, it sounds like the issue is possibly a setting on the Friedman or an error with your physical connections.

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