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      When the Program is active on my H90, I have found there is a noticeable difference in my tone. It just sounds “digital.” I can’t think of a better word for it than that. The transient of my guitar picking sounds processed and overall just kinda lacks the mojo compared to when the Program is bypassed. This is with everything else in my signal path bypassed and no H90 presets engaged.

      My primary use case with the H90 is with Insert Mode having comp and overdrive pedals in the first insert loop and leave the Program active pretty much all the time, regardless of whether any presets are active. This way I can essentially take advantage of the pre/post routing without having to fuss with my amp’s fx loop, AND still be able to access comp and OD independently of the H90. The only kicker is that the Program has to be active, whether I’m using the H90 or not, as bypassing the Program would eliminate the insert loop from my signal path entirely.

      Has anybody else noticed their tone affected when the Program is active? Any suggestions? I haven’t found anything online so far. It would be nice if a future update allowed access to insert loop pedals when the H90 is completely bypassed.

      I should also note that I’m powering my H90 with a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 3, using one of the two X-Link 12V 1A outputs. Those outputs are not isolated, but I’m only using one of them and Eventide Support confirmed it’s the way to go.

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      What you could be experiencing are the buffers in the signal path that you may not be used to. Only way to remove them from the signal chain is putting the H90 in Relay bypass mode in the System Menu and removing your analog effects from the inserts, as I/O 3&4 are always on buffered I/Os. Try placing your comp and drive pedals before the H90 and set the H90 to Relay bypass mode to see if it makes a difference. Many people describe the reemergence of high frequency information from the use of buffers as sounding “digital,” when in reality buffers make up for impedance imperfections in the signal chain.

      It would be nice if a future update allowed access to insert loop pedals when the H90 is completely bypassed.

      If you require the loops to stay open when both presets are bypassed, you can either bypass A and B in PERFORM mode or program an aux switch or MIDI controller to A act/byp and B act/byp simultaneously with one press.

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