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      Hi Eventide people, most of the time these forums focus on problems, so without getting all gushy etc, I wanted say what a brilliant piece of design and engineering the H90 is. I’ve had mine for about 4 weeks now and are getting to know it well. Aside from the stunning sound, the big surprise is insert routing and 6 instant access FS’s in perform mode, with everything storable on a per program basis. Im actually using insert one to send to an additional separate amp for dirty sounds, and using one of the footswitches to select it on the fly, within signal path. Further the level and phase adjustment for the send is spot on. Aside from the effects you have created a programmable routing solution as well  ! So thank you Eventide !

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      I fully agree with all the words, here in Brazil it is very heavy to pay it because of Import and Taxes, but I am at every moment that I program some new timbre, I am increasingly in love with it. Thank you very much Eventide.

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