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      I’ve recently started using an H90 in a wet/dry rig. I’ve never done it before because it required extra hardware but the H90 makes it so easy, so I gave it a shot, and I’m glad I did. It sounds amazing! Kudus to Eventide there

      My signal chain is as follows

      • Tuner/Fuzz – H90 in 1
      • Overdrives/Dry effects – H90 insert 1
      • Dry amp – H90 insert 2 used as splitter
      • Wet amp – H90 output 1

      currently I am using true wet/dry with all wet effects in parallel and kill dry on. Usually this is done to reduce phasing issues because the wet amp may have dry signal which is delayed from the one in the dry amp and have phasing issues.

      Because I am running all my effects into the H90 and nothing after do I need to do this? Can I run a mix/dry (TPS wet/dry) rig with some of the dry signal reaching the wet amp?

      I guess it would depend whether the H90 was ‘intelligent’ enough to delay the dry tap out of insert 2 to match output 1 to the wet amp after it’s been processed by the effects internally (which I assume has latency).

      Also, if changing the wet effects from series to parallel change this latency? I recall that each preset A/B has 2.5ms latency. Does having them in parallel keep it at 2.5 overall and then series makes it 5ms and then would insert 2 be delayed automatically to either 2.5/5ms to match (if at all)

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