H90: Any chance to see global LFO/ADSR in future?

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      Hi Eventide Team!

      Probably it is future request to make this incredible pedal better 🙂

      Any chance to see global modulation section in future?

      ADSR, LFO (with random S/H!), env follower.

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      Here’s hoping.  It did get mentioned in the launch podcast.  Personally, I think that would push an already stellar product at least a magnitude higher.

      If you think about it, they are all variations in the same theme: a programmable step sequencer.  Smoothing?  LFOs.  One-shot?  ADSR.  Follower up front?  Envelope.

      Sync’ed or free-running, of course.  Maybe restart.  If I were being greedy, X number of cycles; one to INF.  Really greedy: quadrature phase offsets for barberpole effects.

      Actually, it should probably be two, in keeping with the H90 structure.  Or one with two phase outputs.

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      Dear Eventide team, will you consider this feature request?

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