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      Hi H90 experts 🙂

      I’ve recently treated myself to a H90 and delighted to find that the latest firmware adds Bluetooth support.  Tried it out and all good.

      However, I noticed that connectivity between H90 Connect and the H90 stopped working.  When I tried to re-add the H90 using bluetooth, I noticed that if I enabled Bluetooth in System Parameters, scan for Bluetooth devices in H90 Connect and then click Connect in the dialog, Bluetooth switches back _off_ on the H90 (blue LED turns off, and Bluetooth changes from on to off in the menu as I watch.

      I’m running firmware

      Presume that I’m doing something wrong / missing something silly, but can anyone help me out with what?

      Apologies if this one’s answered elsewhere, but I’ve not been able to spot it.



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      Eventide Staff

      Hello Simon,

      It’s possible that the H90 has forgotten the host device once before. When this happens, we must also forget the H90 in the device’s Bluetooth settings and pair the H90 again to establish a new connection. This may happen, for example, if we had the H90 paired to an iPad but then we switched over to our Mac, and then tried to go back again.

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      Ah, fantastic!

      I “forgot” H90 in macos’s bluetooth config, and all now working as expected.

      Thanks so much for the informative and quick response, and best wishes for 2024 🙂


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