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      I experienced with at least the Blackhole and Hall algorithms that modifying the room size parameter causes audible changes while the visible parameter value stays the same. I don’t know if there are actual value steps in between or if the displayed value is just out of sync with the internal state but it reduces my confidence regarding reproducibility of my patches during sound design.

      How to reproduce:

      1. Select the Blackhole algorithm
      2. Change the mix to 100% to make the effect more obvious
      3. Slowly turn the encoder to change the room size
      4. Listen carefully how the tone of the reverb changes
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      I wasn’t sure if you were using H90 Control, or the Quick Knob encoder on the H90 itself.  So I tried both – with Size mapped to the Preset HotKnob as well – in both the Blackhole and Hall algorithms.

      I’m not seeing the parameter / displayed value lagging anything, anywhere.  Yes, the sound of the reverb will shift with each incremental value.

      You’re changing the virtual dimensions of the room (or enclosed space).  Size adjusts the early reflections, material of the “walls”, frequency response, etc.  Move it toward a smaller Size, and there’s an apparent pitch shift upwards.  Toward a larger Size, the perceived pitch goes down.

      It’s a momentary “bend” when you move slowly, then the Size settles down quickly.  A rapid change in Size pitches further, and takes longer to recover back to its new Size.

      If you’re not referring to what I described above, please add some more details about your change of tone that might shed more light on it.

      I can tell you that reproducibiltiy in sound design hasn’t been a concern of mine.  I’ve seen a few unrelated instances where you can’t dial in an exacting value, or a directly typed value ‘”rounds” up or down.  But’s that’s in parameters with hundreds of possible positions, never a 0-100 range.

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