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      I am trying to have a switch (aux or midi) to use as a bypass for both presets. As I need to have the Program ON all the time due to the inserted pedal.

      The problem is that the control is for TOGGLE. So if I have A engaged and B bypassed, I cannot have both OFF using one switch.

      Is there a way to accomplish that? If not, would be good to have a BYPASS/ENGAGE global control not only a TOGGLE.


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      If you use the “P Act/Byp (M)” option, this will allow you to send separate active/bypass messages depending on the CC value (0-63 will be bypassed, 64-127 will be active). This should resolve the issue of toggling when you want to bypass both presets. More information can be found here: https://cdn.eventideaudio.com/manuals/h90/1.3.0/content/appendix/global.html

      Let me know if that works.

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