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      i had a faulty multi plug where my H90 was connected ( to original power supply) and power went on/off a couple times in a row before H90 finished booting and then it resulted in a black screen with no FX (only through sound of instrument ) and the 4 LED of output are green ( even when there is no instrument connected ) . i tried the 3 types of boot sequences and still nothing, only black screen , 4 output led on green and no FX,

      what should i look into ? i opened the box and the red LED on circuit board are lit so it means the circuit is powered…

      i really hope to be able to fixe it sooon , tears in my eyes haha,


      thanx for any help,



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      Sorry for the issues you are having. There are no user serviceable parts in the H90. Please contact support@eventide.com and we can assist you there.

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