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      I have a request for a feature in a future H90 update


      I have an H9 and I can control all the parameters of an algorithm via CC


      For the H90, via Global – Pedal Ctl, I would like to be able to define CCs, to control each algorithms preset parameters, for both sides A and B

      This way I could control every programs preset parameters via a sequencer.

      Currently you can only assign cc’s to the 6 hot knobs, which you then have to define and save for every program you make. This is a lot of admin. And limits the amout of control you have.

      It would be great if I could have immediate remote control over a presets parameters regardless of which program is loaded.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hello Chevron,

      One of the great things about the H9 was that every algorithm had set number of parameters – 10. This made it possible to have a global assignment list. The H90, however, no longer subscribes to the same constraint as the H9, and future algorithms will have as parameters as the designers feel are necessary; some may even have more than 10. Because the number of parameters is no longer defined across the entire set of algorithms, we eliminated any confusion by taking out the global list you’re describing. We leave it up to the user to generate custom mappings on a Program basis. Nonetheless, we appreciate the feedback very much.

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      Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I noticed that the number of algorithm parameters was open-ended and there were a different number per algorithm.

      To be limited to the remote control of, 3 per side; or for example, 6 of one and 0 of the other; seems constraining and involves quite a bit of user admin.

      It would be cool to be able to assign upto 10 CCs per algorithm A, and upto 10 CCs per algorithm B, and then increase the number of CCs to accomodate, in a firmware update, as algorithms are rolled out.

      It could look like this within the MIDI – Global Ctl list

      Parameter    CC#

      A Alg Param 1 – CC x

      A Alg Param 10 – CC x

      B Alg Param 1 – CC x

      B Alg Param 10 – CC x


      Setting them here would mean the CCs would always apply to whichever algorithms were selected.

      It would be cool if the algorithms parameters were ordered in a regular convention so that similar features in other algorithms matched up (like dry/wet mix on slot one, mod depth on slot 6 for example)


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      Mouse over ANY control in the app and ASSIGN a CC#



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        Thank you, I know you can do this in the software, and you can also do it on the pedal in parameter edit.

        But to have full parameter control over any preset you load into side A or side B you need to assign 17 or so CCs for each of the 64 algorithms and save each one in a user bank (you would need to do this again with alternative cc numbers in case you load duplicates algorithms in side a and b)

        Having the option to assign them globally for side a and b, so I can control whatever algorithm is loaded, means I only have to assign 34 or so CC’s, instead of creating 2176 CCs and saving 128 algorithms!

        Even if you wanted to avoid this by just assigning them every time you need to, assigning controls every time slows down creativity/productivity, especially when a global option could avoid this.

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      As a side note – it might make sense to be able to set CCs for the general settings for each side; in gain, out gain, bypass, tails, tempo, hotknob, kill dry

      These settings are always in the same slots and are the same in every algorithm.

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