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      I read the H90 should show the red led indicators when the input signal is too loud, however this doesn’t happen for me. When I increase the input volume too far I can the clipping and glitch sounds with still just the green leds (no red). I have 2 units with latest firmware 1.71 beta, but both units behave the same. Basically, I want to know how far I can raise the volume before clipping occurs. My H9s were fine with showing the red led, so I knew I had to back off a little. Also, the H9 control app showed the audio meters in the gain settings. I can’t seem to find a similar option in the H90 control app. On that note, it would great to visually see audio signal meters directly on the H90 screen within the settings under the I/O menu.


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      What signal are you sending to the H90? What is your signal chain before the H90? It should be easy to see the clipping LEDs by connecting a loud synthesizer or drum machine to the H90’s inputs. A guitar or bass will be more difficult since the signal is much quieter.

      Do you have any of the Program/Preset input gain parameters turned up on the H90? The clipping LEDs are pre input gain parameters, so it may be that you’re not clipping the inputs and you are clipping the signal somewhere else in the chain.

      I’d suggest loading the User 2 list and testing the levels of your setup with an INIT Program.

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