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      Is there any way in H90 Control to quickly re-order the programs within a list? Example, let’s say I want to move a program from position 52 in the User List to position 3, but I don’t want to lose the preset in position 3. I just want it to either become A) position 4 and everything else moves down, or B) more simply, swap the positions of those 2 (52 goes to 3, 3 goes to 52).

      Right now, the fastest approach I’ve found is to copy program 3 to and paste it to an empty location, then copy 52 and paste it to 3, then take the backup of copy of 3, move it to location 52, then finally overwrite/initialize the back of 3. That’s a lot of steps. I’m hoping there’s a faster approach I just haven’t found yet. If not, please consider a feature request.

      My suggested approach would be:

      1. Option+Drag (Alt+Drag on PC) preset 53 to 3 (holding Option/Alt+Dragging changes the icon to a “swap” icon)

      2. Dropping preset 53 on to 3 would swap the location of the two presets


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      About half the time you can:

      Highlight and copy 3;

      Drag and drop 52 to position 3; and

      Paste 3 to position 52.

      The other half of the time you mysteriously loose 3 … when you try to paste it in position 52, nothing is pasted.

      Therefore, I usually use your system.


      Alternatively, you can create a new/empty list, sort program lists alphabetically (top center of the page) so programs are easy to find, and drag/drop programs in the desired order into the new/empty list on the far left.  This is great when many changes are desired.

      Hope that helps.



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